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Vein Treatment

Thread veins are very small blood vessels, which appear as thin bluish or red lines in the skin.

Thread veins occur primarily on the face and legs, and they do not cause any symptoms. People suffering from thread veins may dislike their appearance and feel self-conscious about them.

With ageing, the skin gradually loses its collagen, becomes thinner and the appearance of thread veins worsens. Aside from ageing, there are a number of factors, which can also contribute to the problem. Among them are excessive sun exposure, rosacea, smoking, alcohol consumption and standing for prolonged periods of time.

Before undergoing thread veins treatment, patients are encouraged to make an appointment with one of our consultants to discuss their individual case in detail. After a thorough evaluation, our consultants will be able to suggest the most effective treatment and will address all questions or concerns. 

Treatment options

At Belfast Skin Clinic we treat thread veins with Microsclerotherapy or IPL laser. A combination of these may be used to achieve the optimum result.

IPL Laser for thread vein removal is a non-invasive procedure using light and heat technology to treat the problem area, improving the appearance of smaller blood vessels without affecting the skin surface.

Microsclerotherapy is a safe treatment for thread veins on the legs, while IPL laser would more commonly be used to treat small facial thread veins.

IPL Thread Vein Removal

Our advanced laser technology is able to provide a highly effective treatment which yields quick and permanent results for the treatment of thread veins.

This IPL process uses broad spectrum light to target the problem area, penetrating the walls of the blood vessel with heat, causing them to collapse and disappear. Eventually, these veins will be reabsorbed by the body and fade away after several weeks.

In general, IPL affects the lower layers of the skin, rather than the top. This allows it to reach deeper structures, like thread veins, without burning the surface of the skin.

The procedure itself involves the application of laser gel, applied directly to the skin to aid absorption of the light and keep the skin cool throughout your treatment. Your laser technician will be able to advise you at consultation how many sessions are recommended to achieve optimum results from your treatment.

Patients are advised that no treatment will be administered on skin that is tanned, or where fake tan is present, as this increases the risk of side effects and discomfort. 


This procedure involves injecting sclerosant through a tiny needle, very superficially into the veins, causing the lining of the vein to swell and clot. This clot formation stops the onward flow of blood through the vessel. There is usually minimal discomfort with the treatment due to the needle being so small.

Microsclerotherapy is a relatively quick procedure and most people can resume normal activities, including driving, on the same day.

Over the course of several weeks following your treatment, you may feel the veins are more pronounced and injection sites may feel slightly itchy. This is quite common and will fade over time. It is also possible you may need to schedule further treatments as some patients will require 2 to 6 treatments over 4-8week intervals.