Skin Tag Removal Belfast | Belfast Skin Clinic

Skin lumps and bumps are skin abnormalities that occur on the surface of the skin or inside the skin layers. These may be classified as skin tags, skin warts or skin moles and can be easily removed by one of our dermatologists. They are often found on the neck or in the armpits.

Skin lumps are primarily benign blemishes that are removed for aesthetic reasons. That said, occasionally these lumps and bumps can prove to be a sign of something more dangerous on deeper investigation, and worthy of proper professional attention.

As such, we always recommend that you do not wait for a skin lump or bump simply to go away and instead seek professional medical attention. Although skin cancers and melanomas (link) are just one group of bumps, they can be extremely dangerous if allowed to develop unchecked. Where the health of your skin is concerned, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Whatever the status of your skin lumps and bumps, our expert dermatologists at the Belfast Skin Clinic can assess your condition and recommend the best type of treatment to suit your requirements at our purpose-built facility.

How can you treat skin lumps and bumps?

Skin lumps and bumps are treated by two main techniques

  • Excision Removal– painless surgical removal under local anaesthetic. The skin lump or skin tag is carefully cut away using a scalpel and completely removed, leaving only a small white or pink scar in its place.
  • Cryotherapy– locally applied freezing therapy that employs liquid nitrogen gas to freeze the target area. The cold temperature kills the cells within the skin tag, blocking the blood supply to the area and causing it to naturally fall off. Ongoing treatment may be required if the skin tag doesn’t fall off; frequently used or wart and verruca removal.

What are the benefits or skin lumps and bumps treatment?

The benefits of treatment for skin lumps and bumps include:

  • Quick, effective treatment
  • Blemish-free, painless skin
  • Minimal or no scarring
  • Clothes, jewellery no longer snag or aggravate
  • Improved self confidence and self-esteem