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Ear Reshaping (Pinnaplasty)

Aim of surgery;

  • To correct protruding ears
  • Restore self-esteem and confidence

Pinnaplasty is a common cosmetic surgical procedure  designed to pin back prominent ears. Many people opt for this corrective surgery to restore confidence and boost self-esteem by achieving a more natural aesthetic appearance to the ears.

Ear surgery can also be used to treat other ear deformities or abnormalities such as reduction in size or reshaping.

What happens prior to surgery?

Your Consultant will carefully discuss your goals and expectations, so that your treatment plan can be tailored accordingly.

The skin over and behind the ears must also be healthy in order to proceed.

Your surgeon will take you through exactly what the procedure entails and will explain any pre-operative preparation required.

The Surgery

Ear correction is carried out under local anaesthetic and is a day case procedure meaning you will be able to return home following your surgery.

The procedure involves your surgeon making a small incision at the back of the ear in the crease where the ear meets the head. The cartilage is reshaped or reduced along with the removal of any excess skin to refine shape and prominence of the ear.


Once the surgery is complete, a protective dressing and bandage will be placed around your ears and head. This will remain in place for one week after surgery to reduce any post-surgical swelling and protect the affected area from any accidental knocks or movement of the newly positioned ears. A headband can be worn at night for a number of weeks after surgery for extra protection when sleeping. You will not be able to wash your hair until the head bandage is removed. Any incisions should heal within 1-2 weeks, but some pain and discomfort are to be expected for 3-5 days following your procedure.

Patients are advised that normal activities can be resumed within 1 week following surgery, however strenuous exercise should be avoided for up to 6 weeks.


Who will carry out of this procedure?

At the Belfast Skin Clinic, our team of highly experienced and GMC accredited Consultant Plastic Surgeons will carry out this ear reshaping.

Will I be a suitable candidate?

Most people attending this consultation have no issues with proceeding with surgery; however, this can only be determined at consultation when a full assessment will help your Consultant determine what is likely to be the outcome and both your expectations are aligned.

Will I have to stay overnight in the clinic?

The procedure is carried out under local anaesthetic and you will be discharged on the same day as your procedure with the appropriate aftercare advice. Appointments for aftercare will be arranged as required.

Will the scarring be noticeable?

Our team of plastic surgeons are very experienced at carrying out meticulous surgery techniques making them the first choice for any cosmetic surgeries to the head, face and neck area.

Upper blepharoplasty surgery is completed on the natural folds of the skin to minimise the risk of scarring; however, small scars are inevitable with most surgery.

Scarring varies with the individual and their skin type, so be sure to talk to your Consultant if you have any concerns regarding scarring.

What is this surgery likely to cost?

The cost will be discussed at your consultation (£240) and prices start from £3,850 after your consultation.

We would encourage patients to make your decision regarding surgery based on clinical facts and practitioner experience rather than cost as a this is not an indicator of good practice or service quality.

The Belfast Skin Clinic is fully RQIA accredited and we pride ourselves on having top Consultants in their field, excellent patient testimonials and the highest quality facilities and surgical equipment available.