Republic of Ireland Patients

The Belfast Skin Clinic welcomes all Republic of Ireland patients both self- funding, insured and those wishing to avail of the Cross Border Directive.

Cross Border Directive

This directive entitles all EU residents to access health services in EU member states other than their own.

Patients can access healthcare in public or private settings in the North of Ireland and claim reimbursement from the Health Service Executive (HSE) upon their return to the South.

Reimbursements rates may be lower than clinic rates. They are stipulated by the HSE and patients can contact the Cross Border office directly to find out these HSE rates in advance.

What You Need to Know

What is the application procedure?
As all Belfast Skin Clinic procedures are outpatient and day case, no prior application is required. To receive reimbursement, patients should submit relevant invoice, receipts, pro-forma invoice etc to the HSE following treatment.

If I am on a waiting list can I still apply?

What do I need to do before booking my appointment?
There is no requirement to be on a waiting list in order to access healthcare under the Cross Border Directive. You must have followed public patient pathways (ie in general it is preferable to have a referral letter from your GP for the treatment you are seeking abroad.)

Do I need to pay upfront?
Patients are required to pay upfront and then need to claim reimbursement from the HSE. However, many credit unions in Ireland are providing funding in advance to enable patients to avail of this scheme which may be an option if you are considering using the Cross border directive. (Belfast Skin Clinic will provide a list of credit unions who have already provided funding for patients)

How and where do I apply for reimbursement?
Requests for reimbursement should be made through the National Contact Point, the details for which are listed in the pro-forma invoice. We will provide you with this invoice following your appointment.

For more information or to book an appointment, call us on 0044 (0)2890 667077