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Ear Reshaping (pinnaplasty)

Ear reshaping refers to a range of common cosmetic surgery procedures designed to correct misshapen or prominent ears. The operation corrects differences in the ears either by reshaping or reducing size and prominence, creating a more natural appearance. Many people opt for this corrective surgery to restore confidence and boost self-esteem by achieving a more natural aesthetic appearance to the ears.

Typical procedures include pinnaplasty (to pin back ears), ear reduction (to reduce the size of the ears) as well as the correction of a range of ear deformities either apparent at birth (easily corrected by moulding the ear as it grows) or acquired later in life through trauma, piercing, surgery or cancer.

What happens prior to surgery?

Your Consultant will carefully discuss your goals and expectations, so that your treatment plan can be tailored accordingly.

The skin over and behind the ears must also be healthy in order to proceed.

Your surgeon will take you through exactly what the procedure entails and will explain any pre-operative preparation required.

The Surgery

Ear correction is carried out under local anaesthetic and is a day case procedure meaning you will be able to return home following your surgery.

The procedure involves your surgeon making a small incision at the back of the ear in the crease where the ear meets the head. The cartilage is reshaped or reduced along with the removal of any excess skin to refine shape and prominence of the ear.